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These are my confessions….

If you know me you can skip all of what I’m about to write, but if you don’t know me please allow me to introduce myself. I suppose your typical introduction would include something like so…

“The name is Amanda, but my poppa named me Maisy a lifetime ago, & since losing him, I embrace my once embarrassing nick name tightly as I’ve based my entire brand around that beautifully painful experience. I’m a 30-something years young, momma bear who only recently began to forget her age. I am a high school dropout, teen mom (double whammy) trying to build a biz in this big ambitious world, with way more courage and street cred than the knowledge, in which I know, is power.

I’m desperate to learn from anyone who’s willing to teach and YouTube is the most giant pain in my ass because I learn so much from it but my children sneak around to watch people endlessly unwrap toys in which I have previously AND unsuccessfully banned them from watching!

??‍♀️♥️✌️??‍♀️??? those ? are my top 7 favorite emojis and I think they can speak for themselves! ? I have Facebook and IG but the rest of the social media apps make me feel like the oldest living dinosaur. ? my favorite lady legend is Scarlet O’Hara and I’m pretty sure I was her in a parallel universe!

I started using drugs when I was 12 years old and have now been clean for 4 years and counting. I still have a drink when I go out for a fancy dinner (which is never) so I consider myself dry from the booze as well!

I am married to my love of 10 years & am currently separated from him while living with my momma again & sharing a bed with some of the loudest snoring, teeth grinding bed bugs around… Just waiting around for him to get his shit in order so we can get back to teaming. Over the years I’ve learned that I cannot save everyone & that I needed to take a giant step back & worry about the things that I DO, that I can fix! Each and every one of us have to own up to our own shit & stop playing the blame game SOOO that’s what I’m doing & I can ONLY speak for myself!

My drug treatment was completely cultivated by yours truly ? & I’ve teamed up with some of the baddest recovery warriors around to create a program we can work together with all of the soldiers I have recently fallen in-love with!
All of the recovery work I do is nonprofit as I have GINORMOUS plans to do some pretty rad shit with the self treatment stuff I’ve found & tested out personally on myself & now, others as well…..EXPERIENCES WORTH SHARING is my favorite phrase for a big GIANT purposeful reason.

We have virtual sobriety support meetings every week on Mondays at 8 PM… I also have a support room available with 24/7 accessibility. This room is a place where you can ALWAYS receive loving peer support from people who have personally played the game & some who are still trapped deep down in the trenches. If you need a safe haven, you know I got your back!
I currently have 3 businesses I’m building, 2 of which revolve around my healthiest of addictions which just so happen to be, health and fitness!

The recovery work is my passion which someday I WILL turn into my full time, daily job but for now I chase dollars while being able to not have to pay a sitter ALL from home after running into this dope AF marketing stuff. I spent the first few years of my biz trying to be like all the other folks, working to make a living, instead of working my passion to make the living I love to live. I am the founder of team Pain-to-Purpose and I couldn’t be more proud of the fulfillment we share. My team spreads clean, positive influence to combat all the other shit we are in a trance from like the big yellow arches that hypnotize me into feeding my children the nastiest shit money can buy.

I believe wholeheartedly in the work that I do & the ways it can be utilized to mend broken hearts worldwide… so despite the irrelevant opinions I hear whispering behind me, I fight on & work harder each day to silence them once and for all.
Ask me anything & receive the most honest of answers, whether you’ll laugh at me or not, because that’s what I did FOR ME!
Letting go of the debilitating fears of how the world perceives me, has been the most invigorating form of ‘free’, that I have ever known to be.

I am sure that I missed quite a bit but I promise to leave all of the knowledge I’ve gained & the experiences I’ve survived, right here for your viewing pleasure. Feel free to roam through my story & PLEASEE reach out to me if you need ANYTHING! So now that you’ve become acquainted with my beautiful chaos, feel free to say heyyyy and introduce me to yours!!

1 thought on “Convenient Confessions”

  1. Hey Amanda,
    I love it To See That People can change the way of Life and For me its a hard and Strong war to say no to drugs because they are for 5 Or 6 years my biggest Thing in Life.My Dream is to let them away for the Rest of my Life and became a better Guy.The worst Thing ist That i always kicked my Friends in ass but Not because i dont love them it happens and i dont can do many against.Every Drugproblem is because of an Problem With myself.How did you clean yours from the hate and the Bad Memories?
    With Love,
    Justin 23years old.

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