Welcome to a convenient little base for your pain to purpose support group. If you’re not familiar with the squad goals, I’d love to elaborate if you’ll let me & I promise not to take up too much of your time! Just a little back drop to catch you up!

I came across a business opportunity back in 2017 that I was weary of but it was appealing to me nonetheless for it promised to offer me a new life I’d never imagined I could live … (fat chance right) So I went out on my limb, against my better judgement and took a GIANT leap of faith.

During this same time, I was in a really bad place. I’m pretty sure it was a little bit of postpartum depression lingering as my hormones tried to realign with sanity. I was DESPERATELY seeking a way to save myself before I re-wrecked myself back into the pit of despair that would again, leave me no mercy.

I knew then & I still know today… One more time will end me so it is my responsibility to my children AND to myself, to stay consistently strengthening. My healing has been locked in to place through keening in on how I may be of service to do my part in humanity’s healing.

My life goals didn’t used to match up with my business goals. Though I was working from home, my business was draining all of my joy because I just couldn’t find a way to incorporate my passion for recovery, which was the goal all along.

I had a few women from my past I was following and I quickly became desperate for a way to make them see what they were capable of. I knew if I could just get them to start chasing endorphins and simply do a few of the same self treatment practices I was doing, they’d never again need to chase artificial rushes from substance abuse.

I ran a free group and promised to sponsor one new challenger for a $160.00 virtual fitness membership in hopes of getting one of them to just do the work and find the remedy to their painfully repetitive self destructive habits.

I had one participant in particular who was still a sex worker and dabbling back into her addiction in which she’d almost successfully hushened. She was doing daily meditation and eating the proper nutrition needed to fuel her overcoming. I’d send her free workouts each day and she did them every time… feeling better after each release… she was soaring and I was in heaven witnessing it. She did not win the random drawing and I ended up sponsoring a girl who just wasn’t ready for the pain to purpose work. I was a little devastated due to the fact that I did allllll of the things, and didn’t get to help the person I’d done it all for to begin with.

I continued to work with her anyways because it felt right. I scheduled an interview with her and asked her to prepare a testimonial for a podcast I was hoping would assist in encouraging her sobriety. I was trying to get a cashflow started for her so she could use her other skills, instead of thinking she always had to revert back to the sex work.

She ended up getting cold feet and backed out completely.

I’m busting ass to live out my passion & create a system of being healed by healing all the broken one’s left behind.

If you think you don’t or won’t ever need to heal, I pray your eye opener isn’t too tumultuous. We all have pain, and your pain is equally as painful as her pain, no matter what the circumstances. Though all of our pain is equal and valid, the stories behind these metaphoric attacks from our demons differentiate immensely.

From addiction, to depression, to feelings of unworthiness in all that you are; your soul calls for you to heal dear one & we are proud to announce that we have all of the tools, resources and techniques you may be seeking. We’re here to guide you to your voice and then teach you how to hit all the right notes needed to support sobriety.

Here at Pain-To-Purpose, we are on a mission to give back to the earth more than what we have taken and through doing this, assist in a little healing of humanity. Much like NA has sponsors who are senior members who have worked their programs for an extended period of time, our guiders here have also had some extra clean time and are eager to pay it forward and share what they have learned. We believe that the opposite of addiction is connection so our community based program is designed to keep you continuously connected to positive influencers.

We have a peer support room with 24/7 accessibility to people who have successfully climbed out, as well as to people who are still trapped down in the trenches of addiction. We believe in the power of healing by helping so our number one tool used is connecting people to one another and making sure there is always a hand there to reach for when and if someone needs it. I have sought out a few brave souls who are prepared to guide the broken through simply standing tall on their experiences and share their honest stories of survival as an intended road map for the still lost. Perhaps these services may be the key to unlocking supported sobriety doors that an introverted addict wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

If you’re a meeting lover and your program is supporting you sufficiently, this program isn’t speaking to you… we are here speaking to the one’s desperate for a change without all the outside exposure. The one’s who can’t make it to a weekly meeting but still wishes to find a community based around love and support. Whether you are looking to find help healing or find a way to heal through helping, we are eager to speak with you so please do not hesitate to reach out!

Without Further Adieu, I am so damn proud to introduce you to your Pain-To-Purpose guiders. Established 2019

Chip’s beautiful wife came across a post I’d left in a recovery group I’m a part of on FB and sent him my way to reach out. After we spoke he was ecstatic about his future and the sober life he knew he could cultivate through just a little love and support. Desperate times call for desperate measures and he was way past sick and tired of being sick and tired. Our boy has fallen down, and successfully stood himself back up with not one thought to give up. Through his resilient efforts, he has now found his voice and developed a fiery passion for guiding others to the same method of healing he found his purposeful recovery in.

This beautiful creature is Kendra… She and I have had over a decade of memories dating all the way back to the early 2000’s and I am absolutely ecstatic to introduce you to her as one of your Pain-To-Purpose guiders. Kendra has been clean from ALL mind altering substances for a few years now and she’s just recently taken a BIG GIANT step by moving to a brand new state to build a life she’s in-love with waking up to for herself and her beautiful little family of four. Her voice is loud and impactful with little fear holding her back. Kendra is an avid meeting goer so I sought her help to bring some of NA/s loving lessons into our little P2P community.

This is Brittany y’all! Brittany is a hard working momma who just climbed her 6 month mark after many strong arm attempts at sobriety. She speaks love and kindness to ALL in need even when she herself is struggling to stay afloat. The struggles she’s fought through and continued on despite, make her one of my favorite types or survivors and a PERFECT asset to this heavily motivated squad. If she’s having a bad day, she uses it as fuel, as she knows how it feels to be unsupported… so she’s made it her business to always offer her heart to those in need, even during moments she may not want to, because that’s just embedded into her beautiful DNA.

Meet Nicole! Nicole and I go way back to my bar working days. She has been helping others for years now and I have been begging her to share her light for quite sometime. She’s finally agreed to link up with us and transform her painful pain to fulfilling purpose. Nicole is a DEDICATED momma bear and wife to her GORGEOUS growing family and though she works hard, she is right here waiting to serve up all the assisted healing support needed to help heal humanity.