The Coldest of Wars from Within.

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I started to consider the fact that people probably think I’m “sleazy” or “unprofessional” because I always rock a sports bra or crop tee…I circulated the thought that it will negatively affect my business goals so I should just dress like the rest of the respectable business women I admire so.

I started to ask myself if I am capable of transforming my passions into fulfilling profits while leaving my mark with humanity, & that maybe I should just go apply for a bartending position somewhere before I completely drain my last penny saved.

I started to tell myself that people’s opinions about my personal life choices are far more important than my own & that I should allow such irrelevance to dictate my daily actions & where I focus my time & attention.

I started to wonder if people truly think I’m working to encourage addicts to “quit their programs” and self treat themselves into a relapse like that one lady stated who deeply misunderstood my cause.

But then I wrote it down and decided to make a tiny shift of direction…

I know I’m not sleazy for baring my belly, rather proud of the incredible work I’ve done on both the outside and the inside…work that has given me permission to wear my scars & insecurities, loudly & proudly, for all to recognize so they may appreciate their own vulnerabilities and see them as the beauty that they are. To love the skin we’re in plays such a huge role in all of my goals, both business and her-purposeful ones.

I reminded myself that I am capable of absolutely anything & that all of the deep investments I’ve made into each and every one of my passion projects are ones that will eventually bring an unlimited supply of abundance that will ensure my family is forever taken care of. By me.

I, again, internally practiced the mindset that living outside of my truth causes me more pain than anything else & that other people’s opinions of me are none of my damn business if they do not support my focused purpose.

I referred back to my people’s recorded written conversations for the reminder that the circumstances I’ve survived have nothing more to do with me…I am now responsible to give them up to someone or something outside of me so that they may grow wings & support someone’s magnificent takeoff.

All too often I get in my own way again & begin to descend backwards, towards the rocky ground where I’ve fallen so many times before.

I think this may be something others experience as well so I’ve decided to link up with any & every soul feeling their way through the pain and collaborate some momentum to keep the movement flowing steadily.

We need the daily reminders together with the shifts for success to become our own. It’s okay to want to give up, what is not okay, is allowing those feelings to consume oneself into failure. Failing forward is key and I’m right here with you throughout the entire process.

Stay strong warriors, for we’ve bravely survived another Cold War.