Things I wish I’d always known.

Quite recently I found myself wondering how some people on this earth, walking around with the same parts and pieces of matter that I’m made up of, could live such dramatically different lives.

I asked myself what they had, that I didn’t have or what I had that others didn’t.

I ended up coming to the conclusion that there were just a few simple mindset shifts I could make by implementing some of the dope AF results from the lessons life had so graciously taught me… and my life could be dramatically different as well.

If only I could have taken off my rose colored glasses sooner…younger…before all of my mistakes.

There are a few lessons I’ve learned throughout my life that I wish I could have learned just a little sooner.

I decided to take a few moments to write a journal entry for my daughter, with a few of these lessons of life, learned, so they’re recorded in hopes that she’ll refer back to this someday and learn quicker, than her momma bear was able to.

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I wish I could have sooner learned that when someone showed me that same harsh judgment, that it had nothing to do with me and everything to do with that someone’s own painful unhealings.

I wish I would have sooner learned that there was no better story to relate to, than the one that was my own and that my life’s purpose would be born effortlessly if I were to just focus on being me and not everyone else.

I wish I could have sooner known that the childish pieces of my person, were not meant to outgrow and leave behind, but rather to work tirelessly in an attempt to find my way back home to the purest parts of myself before they had been poisoned by societal influences.

I wish I could have sooner learned that each and every birthday was not to be celebrated for growing another year older, but rather celebrated for the ability to spend another year practicing on becoming better at being the most authentic version of me.

I wish I could have sooner known that when I look in the mirror, it was to see through the reflection staring back at me and dig into my deepest depths seeking to shut out all the lies, and return to living in my truest of truths.

I wish I would have known that individuality really is all it’s cracked up to be. I spent so much time disliking myself and placing my self worth on the floor to be walked on like an old tired accent rug, that I never took the time to notice, that there is only one exact version of me & that’s pretty damn awesome in my book!

I’m not meant to live her story or his story or your story… the only undeniable fact here is that we are all, no doubt, absolutely perfect at being US.

2 thoughts on “Things I wish I’d always known.”

  1. Hey Amanda,
    I love it To See That People can change the way of Life and For me its a hard and Strong war to say no to drugs because they are for 5 Or 6 years my biggest Thing in Life.My Dream is to let them away for the Rest of my Life and became a better Guy.The worst Thing ist That i always kicked my Friends in ass but Not because i dont love them it happens and i dont can do many against.Every Drugproblem is because of an Problem With myself.How did you clean yours from the hate and the Bad Memories?
    With Love,
    Justin 23years old.

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